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When asked about my occupation, my response is typically, “all things wine”. I started Katy Moore Wines with the intent to bring in wines from smaller production wineries made from regions and or grapes that don’t typically receive a lot of media attention. Off the beaten path as I like to say, some would call them hidden gems. Our services; tastings, education, menu creation/food pairings, sourcing/stocking cellars and subscriptions have all been designed to make enjoying wine easy for our clients. I’m known for simplifying or demystifying wine with the hopes of creating more wine lovers in the process.

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Our Wines

We make wine with a thought of our customers, therefore the team...
Pressing is the act of applying pressure to grapes or pomace in order to separate juice or wine from grapes and grape skins. Pressing is not always a necessary act in winemaking; if grapes are crushed there is a considerable amount of juice immediately liberated (called free-run juice) that can be used for vinification. Typically this free-run juice is of a higher quality than the press juice.


Wednesdays & Saturdays At3 PM
Limited space for 10 people; Specify larger groups in sign-up.

Our Wines

La Tordera

From Vine to Glass, la Tordera Delights the Senses


Unlocking the Essence of Ghiga Wines with Toast to Tradition


Elegance in Every Sip of Giarola Wines with Symphony of Flavor

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We make wine with a thought of our customers, therefore the team...