Ghiga 2021 Langhe Favorita DOC



Aromas of pear & white blossoms  are pronounced and as intense as a Pinot Gris or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. On the palate the texture is creamy  with white fruits and floral flavours yet the wine finishes dry. The perfect patio sipper or cocktail party wine.

Number of bottles produced: 1400

Method: after macerating for about 12 hours inside of the press, the grapes are squeezed at a pressure that doesn’t exceed 1.80 bar. The liquid is then drawn off and alcoholic fermentation begins. Fermenting is carried out with special yeasts at a controlled temperature. For the entire duration of the fermentation, the product is constantly agitated by a stirrer, 2 times a day for 5 minutes, in order to keep the “noble” yeast and grape lees suspended, thus obtaining an increase in body structure. No Malolactic fermentation and no Oak used for maturation.
Temperature: 14 – 15 ° c for the entire duration of the process
Alcohol: 12.14%

Grape: 100 % Favorita

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