Le Margherite

Langhe Nebbiolo DOC Ghiga 12btls/case

available for sale in Ontario by the end of April 2024

If you’re wondering why this new Nebbiolo is called Le Margherite I will tell you. According to Ghiga, the name “Le Margherite” comes from the particular presence of Daisies in the vineyard during the summer, hence those lovely gold daisies on the label. Ghiga is run by two brothers who took over their family farm and vineyard. Their Barbera, Favorita, and Dolcetto were already planted back in the mid 1970’s by the previous generation. They have built up the winery covering everything from viticulture, vinification and marketing. This new Nebbiolo offering is where this next generation is able to make it’s mark. The vines are from a single vineyard in the municipality of Santo Stefano Belbo. The vineyard has a southern exposure, the soil is made up of clay and limestone with a high magnesium content, hmm too bad the wine can’t be my source of magnesium. Cover crops are at play in this new vineyard that was planted in 2019. The fruit is hand harvested, crush/destemmed then on to a prolonged pump over skin contact regime. This is all carried out in stainless steel tanks, oak use for maturation is minimal at 4 months. As the vines are so young the wine is fresh and vibrant, youthful in all aspects which the winemaking reflects. I am looking forward to the evolution of this new offering. As the vines establish themselves and Davide Ghiga has more vintages under his belt this new addition will only continue to evolve and improve. I am very excited to watch/taste this journey.