Make Entertaining Easy

As the warm weather approaches, we shift gears and look forward to entertaining our friends and family. We love to entertain here at Katy Moore Wines and find that with just a few new staples in your cupboard, hosting can be a breeze. I like to have a house red, white, and sparkling wine on hand. As well as a “basic bar rail.” This is a bottle of Vodka, Gin, Rum, Whiskey & Tequila. Regarding the softer options, a selection of herbal teas, coffee, tonic, and sparkling water will cover most bases for you. While stocking these items may seem a daunting task, I am pleased to say that we are here to help with that. We conveniently supply you with all that you may need for easy entertaining. This allows you to focus on the best part, spending time with friends and family. You may already have favourites to fill in the blanks or want some advice on available options based off of your tastes. If it is available in Ontario, we can find and deliver it to you.