Katy’s Top 10 Spirits in the LCBO spring release

I’ve compiled this list from the LCBO’s upcoming 65+ spirit release for spring. Our mission at Katy Moore Wines is for everyone to drink well, which covers all areas of alcohol not just wine. With a Katy Moore Wines subscription/membership, you can receive tailored suggestions from us as they become available.

The LCBO# on the list can be used to look up the product on LCBO.com.

The List of Katy’s top 10 picks


Eldorado Port Mourant, single still, cask strength LCBO#26813 

Eldorado Enmore, single still, finest Demerara LCBO#341164 


Hendrick’s Grand Cabaret LCBO#36443 

Empress Elderflower Rose LCBO#36440 


Elevacion 1250 LCBO#31949 

Hornitos Cristalino clear Anejo LCBO#11324 


Aberlour 14 year Scotch LCBO#33195 

Red Spot 15 year Irish Whiskey *limit one bottle per order online only 

Bas Armagnac

J. Goudoulin Veuve 2000 (18 year) 700ml LCBO#33188 


Antica Distillerica Quaglia Camomilla LCBO#34408 

Sibona Liquore alla Camomilla Grappa LCBO#285775