Gifts for the season

Gifts for the season

It’s that time of year when we start to plan or at least think about what to buy for the ones we love, care about, or drew as a Secret Santa. You would think that the gift of wine would be one of the easiest to give. I’m afraid that we are spoiled for choice and so many options make it a challenge to sort through. It should come as no surprise that all the great bottle packages and add-ons are filling the shelves of your local LCBO. You want your gift of wine to stand out, be unique and hopefully not lost amongst all the other labels that will be given out this year. I wanted to point out a few alternatives for you. Yes, Katy Moore Wines does gifting. In fact, I like to think my gift of wine is perfect for that person on your list who is eager to learn more about wine. Having 2 bottles show up three months in a row, each one a different well-known varietal with a card describing its attributes, history, food pairing options and serving tips to keep long after the wine has been enjoyed. I think that’s hard to top but there are a few others out in the Ontario market that you may want to investigate. Here’s three links to get you started.

Grape Witches for that natural wine lover  –

Vitlita for baskets and that Italian wine lover on your list Vitalita gift baskets

Bottle Shops will have some great wines and food stores Casa Toscana Restaurant Grimsby

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